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Skincare Light Therapy Mask

3 Color Light Therapy Mask Bonus Hydrating Sheet Mask by On The Daily

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Step into a new world of beauty, and enjoy the benefits of light therapy at home. On The Daily's LED Light Therapy Mask is all you need to sustain bright, sleek & younger-looking skin.


  • On The Daily 3-color Photon Facial Mask Rejuvenation Device Designed For Facial Beautification.
  • Red (620nm-750nm), To Promote Vitality. Blue (475nm-495nm) To Repair The Skin, & Kill Acne-Causing Bacteria. Yellow (590nm-620nm), To Smooth and Increase Skin elasticity, And Increase Skin Firmness.
  • Impetus Light Is Luminescence But Doesn't Hurt Your Skin.
  • The New Timing Function Is 5-20 Minutes, And The Wireless Facial Spa Can Wake Up The Skin Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Use After Cleansing, Once A Day For 15-20 minutes. Recommended To Use With Sheet Mask/Essence.
  • FREE Pomegranate Brightening Hydrating Facial Mask Sheet Included.

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On The Daily 3 Color LED Light Therapy Mask

Why Light Therapy?

On average, people spend between $60-$90 per facial. Sometimes skincare (aka self-care) is as simple as a 15-minute facial in the comfort of your own home. LED Light Therapy is a great option for those looking to vamp up their beauty routines. What is light therapy? The skin uses red, blue, and amber light as a source of energy to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin cells. Each color will play a different role in restoring your complexion. The process is safe and effective, and your skin is going to love it! 


1x Light Therapy Mask
1x Free Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask


-Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation
-Promote collagen production
-Shrink pores & treat acne
-Brighten Skin
-Improve Skin Elasticity

May need to charge before first use. After use, wipe with a cotton pad. Do not use in contact with corrosive solvent. Otherwise, it will break the appearance or function. Keep in a cool and dry place after use and avoid direct sunlight. Do not disassemble and destroy the luminous film by itself.

Warning: The use of pregnant women is prohibited. It is not confirmed to have any effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus, but it is still recommended not to be used. It is forbidden to use the epileptic group. Partial light wavelength and frequency may cause sudden illness. Do not use. Patients with thyroid disease or using a thyroid drug, do not use. Don't exceed 20 minutes every time.


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