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Benefits Guide Vol. 1 "The Social"

Benefits Guide Vol. 1 "The Social" by On The Daily


An Ebook on everything social!


At On The Daily, we believe that positive social health is just as important for your overall well being as physical or mental health is. Creating connections with others is something that allows us to grow and nurture ourselves from other points of view and live in harmony. In this quick informative read, we go over topics such as why social interaction is important, positive skills and habits, social etiquette, social anxiety and more. As a bonus, we go over how to stay connected during a pandemic. When people look back on their lives and experiences, they rarely wish they had spent more time in the office or had worked harder, but they do wish they had expressed their feelings more and had more contact with friends. It's relationships that matter the most as we move forward in life, and that's the inspiration behind this book.

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On The Daily Benefits Guide Vol. 1 "The Social" Ebook

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