marzo 05, 2020

Why Black Obsidian?

Por Samantha McDougal
Black Onyx healing crystals are beneficial for removing negative energies and improving self confidence.

Our Thoughts On Black Obsidian Crystal Healing 

All of our luxury scented candles include one point bead healing crystal. The world offers a large variety of healing stones and crystals, and we chose Black Obsidian. Here's why...

The fragrances of our candles are sensuous and unique. They can turn any home into a relaxing, worry free environment. So, we want to give you a healing crystal that will do just that. 


Black Obsidian brings your mind, body, and soul into alignment. Known as the stone of strength, wearing or carrying it during difficult times of emotional and/or physical strength helps to center your energy and to access higher levels of guidance.


Black Obsidian can help with self awareness and improve self confidence. It encourages a healthy ego. There’s a wholeness to this stone that really brings out your focus and determination, leading you to feel invisible!


Nothing but pure and restful vibes. It's an excellent stone for balance as it absorbs and transforms negative energy. It will soothe your worries, remove your fears, and ease your tensions. During really busy and crazy days, the warmth that you will feel from this stone will reassure you that everything will be okay. 



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