abril 06, 2021

Three Simple Tips To Improve Your Social Well-Being

Por Samantha McDougal
Positive social health.


Lately we've been spending a lot time catering to both our mental and physical well-being, but we often forget about our social health. It's just as important. Positive social interaction is essential to every aspect of our health. Below are three simple tips that will help improve your social well-being. 


Know Yourself

Improving your social health and well-being begins with you. Understanding your needs, wants, and values before you build relationships plays an important roll on communication. It also helps you set boundaries and engage positively with the people you share common interests with. Your relationships will grow beautifully if you focus on learning and knowing yourself first. 

Don't Judge or Blame

We've all done it once or twice, sometimes it just happens naturally. But being too "judgy" can actually be bad for your health; especially social health. It can often push people away and stunt your personal development. Even more so, continuously judging and blaming others can make you become more self critical. By always seeing others in a negative light, we're training our minds to find the bad. Therefor, we usually end up looking for the bad in ourselves, too.

Appreciate Others

Positivity goes a long way. You can make yourself and your relationships happier simply by expressing your gratitude for others. Imagine someone you care about taking time to share how much they appreciate everything you do. Expressing how happy they are that you're around. Feels good, doesn't it? Make a habit of sending at least one gratitude text or letter every month to someone you appreciate. And while you're at it, write one to yourself too. 


Benefits Guide Vol 1 The Social

 Benefits Guide Vol 1 The Social

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