February 10, 2021

Why We're Obsessing Over Rosemary Mint

By Samantha McDougal
Rosemary mint essential oil skin care benefits

Why We're Obsessing Over Rosemary Mint

Being a health and wellness brand, one of the most important aspect of our business is coming up with products that are beneficial inside and out. Meaning, both benefiting a person's body and mind, as well as their lifestyle. In our previous blog post, "Goat's Milk Benefits You Need To Know", we share all of the amazing benefits of our newer goat's milk soap bars. But these aren't just any plain old soaps. We've added essential ingredients, such as rosemary and mint oils. Not only do these give our soaps a refreshing and invigorating scent, but they add plenty of health benefits, as well. Keep reading to find out what those benefits are!

Rosemary Skin Care Benefits


Rosemary oil contains naturally powerful antioxidants, such as carnosol, which are essential to help slow the effect of aging. It also helps tighten the skin to help it look firmer and more elastic. Additionally, rosemary stimulates biological activity and cell growth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne Treatment 

There are many studies popping up that demonstrate the anti-microbial properties of rosemary. Meaning it can help to prevent the development or growth of microorganisms such as bacteria that are present in the body or on the skin. This makes it a good component for conditions such as acne or oily skin. 

Blood Circulation

Rosemary is a very popular ingredient in many cosmetics, because of its ability to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow will lead to increased drainage, which in turn leads to decreased under-eye dark circles and puffiness.

Mint Skin Care Benefits

Brighten Complexion 

Applying mint to your skin allows it to relax and repair itself. The antiseptic activity found in mint also prevents the skin from developing any spots or blemishes. This leaves your skin looking bright and refreshed after each treatment.

Hydrate and Tone

Mint leaves work to naturally tone the skin. It's a great ingredient for dry skin, too! It will clear dead skin cells and remove dirt from the pores to revamp your skin to a smoother, more hydrated tone. Mint will also tighten your pores, helping to retain more the moisture. 

Diminish Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles are caused by genes, dehydration, lack of sleep or sun exposure. The skin under your eye is fragile and prone to damage, but the antioxidants  found in mint keep it damage-free by neutralizing free radicals.

So as you can see, we have many reasons to be obsessed with our Rosemary Mint Goat's Milk Soaps. Dive even further into our soaps by checking out the amazing benefits on goat's milk for your skin here. 

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