May 20, 2020

Time With Friends Is Essential For Good Health

By Samantha McDougal
Social products blog post - On The Daily

Calling All Socialites 

Sometimes we need to turn our phones on silent, and take a break from society in order to relax and recharge. However, research suggests that social health is just as important to our overall well-being.

Social support -- whether it comes from friends, family members, or a spouse -- is strongly associated with better mental and physical health. That being said, having a robust social life can lower stress levels, improve mood, encourage positive health behaviors, boost cardiovascular health, and aid almost anything in between.

Maintaining positive relationships should rank up there with healthy eating and exercise as a necessary investment in your health. As you may already know, On The Daily strives on anything essential for overall health. That's why we've decided to add social products to our online catalog, with our first being On The Daily's 'Drunk, Or Whateva' Adult Party Game. 

With or without alcohol, party games are such a fun way to bring people together and spend time with your friends. Even more so, they create laughter... another key component to health and happiness. All in all, making time for your friends and building relationships can pay off in a brighter outlook for years to come. 


On The Daily's 'Drunk, Or Whateva' 

DISCLAIMER— For Adults Only. Alcohol is not required to enjoy playing game. Please drink responsibly.

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