May 24, 2021

5 Types of Meditation for Beginners

By Samantha McDougal


Believe it or not, meditation is more than simply sitting with your legs crossed and eyes closed while breathing deeply. Actually there are many, many different types of meditation styles. The fun part is trying all of the different styles to find out which one best suits you. But where would someone who is new to meditating even begin? 

Below we've listed simple yet easy meditation styles that are perfect for beginners.

1. Guided Meditation

Guided meditations are either pre-recorded or led by a meditation expert. Types of guided meditations range from stress relief, positive motivation, breathing techniques, and more. The type you chose can vary depending on your current mood and state of mind. A few resources you can use on your guided meditation journey include Youtube, mobile apps, and online playlists. 


2. Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is the practice of believing in and connecting to something greater than the individual self. Similar to prayer, you become aware with the present and seek a deeper connection with your God or Universe. Many people use essential oils, healing crystals, or smudge sticks to heighten the experience. The aim is to learn and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Calming essential oil mist and smudge stick


3. Mindfulness Meditation

Based on the teachings of Buddha, mindfulness meditation has become increasingly popular. This style aims to teach you how to slow down any racing thoughts, calm both the mind and body, and release all negativity. Techniques can differ, but generally mindfulness meditation involves deep breathing, acknowledging your reality, and being aware of your body and thoughts. It's all about learning to rest and appreciate the present moment. 

(The Meaning Behind Mindfulness)


4. Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is another ancient Buddhist tradition that involves sitting upright while following the breath. With this style, meditators focus on the way the breath feels as it moves in and out of the belly and nose. Sometimes in silence, or sometimes with music playing in the background. The aim of this style is similar to mindfulness meditation; create a sense of presence and awareness, and let the mind "just be".


5. Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is a simple technique, and is great for when you may be feeling anxious. In this style, you will envision a particular image that creates a particular feeling or emotion. This image with be your object of focus, so if your mind begins to wander simply bring it back to the picture in mind. Many meditators like to chose a beach scene, a mountain lake, or a loved one. Whatever you chose, this style is said to help block unwanted mental activity and welcome peace. 

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