June 01, 2021

10 Self-Care Activities For Couples

By Samantha McDougal
10 Self-Care Activities For Couples

Self-care is essential for everyone. It's how we take care of our overall health and wellness. It's important to fit self-care activities into your daily routine on your own. We'll always be the firs to recommend taking time for yourself. However, for all our couples out there, doing self-care activities can be super beneficial for the relationship. Check out some of our recommendations below!

1. Share Your Goals

Would you believe that couples do better with shared goals? Doing so could benefit in many ways. First, by sharing a goal with your partner you not only have someone holding you accountable, but you're also giving them the opportunity to be your greatest support system. Second, it's also said that couples function better together when they're working for the same ends. Practicing setting a small goal together as a couple can be a great self-care activity for both. 


2. Express Gratitude

There are many ways beyond "you're the best" that you and your partner can express gratitude for each other. Sincerely showing or sharing why you appreciate each other reinforces how much you matter to each other. This can help you both feel valued in the relationship, thus making the relationship stronger.


3. Spend Time Outside

Sometimes it's hard to sync schedules. If you can both spare a few minutes and the weather calls for it, taking a stroll through the neighborhood is a great self-care activity for couples. Taking a moment to get some fresh air can increase energy and focus, reduce stress, and even boost your immune system. 

couples holding hands outside.


4. Pamper Together

Ladies, you might be thinking your man won't be down for a little pampering. Most men actually love getting massages, pedicures, and taking baths just as much as women do! So why not do all of that together, while creating memories over some fine wine? 


5. Workout Together

Schedule workouts together such as biking, hiking, swimming, dancing, or even planning a trip to the gym. Not only is incorporating exercise into your daily routine one of the best forms of self-care for health and wellness, but these activities make for great dates, too!


6. Eat Together

Nourishing your body with proper nutrients while taking the time to rest and reset is essential self-care. Life can be hectic. We eat when we can, and sometimes it's on the go or in front of the television. When you can, try sharing a meal and conversation with your wife or hubby to connect. 

Couple eating food together


7. Laugh

Ah, laughter. The best form of medicine. It's true that laughing stimulates hormones called catecholamines, which release endorphins that aid happiness and relaxation. Doing this with your partner could include sharing funny memories you have together, watching a funny movie, or planning date night at a comedy show.


8. Be Intimate

Sex is good. It's even better when you know it's actually good for your health and you're doing it with someone you love. Be honest with each other about what you're comfortable with, and prioritize your own pleasure as well as your partner's. Remember, doing simple things such as hugging and holding hands with each other counts as intimacy, too. 


9. Plan A Vacation or Staycation

At On The Daily, we truly believe that vacations should be prescribed by doctors. It is one of the most fun, relaxing, and enlightening forms of self-care. Doing so with your partner allows you to connect over new memories and learn new things about each other, all while reseting and enjoying the moment. 

Couple on vacation


10. Check In On Each Other

How often you should check in on each other depends on your own preferences as a couple. Rather than asking about how each other's day went, try taking it a step further by asking questions like, "How's your heart? What is something I can do for you? What would you like me to know about you?" and so on. This will help build emotional intimacy and a strong relationship.


11. Slow Down

Especially in the beginning stages of a relationship, it's all about doing fun and exciting things together. It's okay to slow down and take your time in the relationship. Enjoy each other's company while learning to enjoy the simple things together. 


Lastly, it's important to remember to respect each other's personal self-care needs. It's okay to take some time alone, away from each other. Your personal health and well-being is essential.  

couple holding hands

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