May 06, 2021

4 Simple Ways to Raise Recognition For Mental Health Awareness Month

By Samantha McDougal
Be kind mental health

May is here, which means it's Mental Health Awareness month! This month we make an effort to promote a more effective and proactive approach to addressing mental illness. Here are four ways you can help spread the word and positivity, and also support a loved one in need.



Take time to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of mental health illnesses. Once you do, share what you learn! Share with your social circle, loved ones, and even with children in age-appropriate terms.



Leverage social media, and share mental health screening sites on your channels. Many aren't aware that they exist, but screening are great tools for everyone. Simply sharing one, or even sharing any good info related to mental health awareness, will be really helpful and encouraging for those who need.



Talk about mental health more openly. Share with your loved ones and those around you how you are feeling, how they are feeling, and really take the time to listen. 



Encourage kind language. Negativity doesn't help in any situation. Also, many still believe in the stigma that talking about mental health or seeking help is weak. Help break that stigma by giving encouraging positive thoughts and words on the topic. 


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