March 15, 2022

How to Get a Good Night’s Rest

By Samantha McDougal


Feeling grumpy, rundown, and tired in the morning? It’s probably because you didn’t get a good night’s rest.

If you struggle to maintain focus during daily tasks, especially in the mornings, ask yourself why. You will probably realize that you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a long time.

In today’s cutthroat world, this is an all-too-common occurrence. Unfortunately, it is one that can pose as a serious risk to your health and well-being.

Instead of neglecting its importance, try to follow the tips mentioned below to get some good shuteye.

1. Always Sleep at the Same Time

Being consistent with your waking and sleep times can be a great way to get quality sleep. Start by developing a routine and then stick to it.

Every night, try going to bed at the same time. Similarly, every morning, set an alarm and wake up at the same time.

Doing this will allow your body to adapt and recognize the times that you need to relax and go to sleep. This would also keep it more alert during the mornings instead of you trying your best not to doze off in the middle of an important meeting.

2. Unwind

Creating a brief unwinding ritual can help you get prepared for bed. For example, you can read a book or meditate for a while before you hit the hay. You can also listen to soothing music or take a warm shower to calm your muscles and help you relax.

Indulging in these types of activities help you transition from wakefulness to sleep by making you calm and helping you get rid of stress.

3. Avoid Having Large Meals Near Your Bedtime

To make sure you don’t get heartburn and digestive issues while you struggle to go to sleep by avoiding the midnight feast ­­– especially ones that are loaded with chili or spices.

However, this does not mean you should go to bed hungry. Nobody likes to go to sleep with their stomach growling.

A good practice is to opt for a light snack, something that will fill satisfy your hunger but does not make you feel heavy or bloated.

For example, you can have a banana with handful of almonds or a peanut butter sandwich. This type of a meal won’t hinder with your sleeping. If anything, it will enhance it since you will go to bed with a satisfied stomach.

4. Set the Mood

Setting the mood by keeping your space dark and limiting any noises around you is a great way to get a peaceful night’s rest.

Make sure that the temperature of the room is just right for you as not doing so can result in an uncomfortable and restless night – something we are trying to avoid at all costs.

5. Eliminate Electronics

Melatonin is a chemical that is produced at night by our bodies to help us fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. The production of melatonin is hindered by the presence of light, specifically blue light from screens.

Avoid using electronics at least one hour before bed so that your sleep cycle does not get messed up due to not being able to fall asleep.


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