October 14, 2021

4 Healthy Boundaries for Friends & Family

By Samantha McDougal
4 Healthy Boundaries for Friends & Family


Boundaries are and important part of any relationship. They keep our relationships with friends and family healthy and in balance. Below are only a few of many ways we can begin to set healthy boundaries with our loved ones. 


1. Time

Time is undeniably valuable. So, it's important in any relationship to respect the other individual's time while they in turn respect yours. It's life, things happen. There may be times when our friends or family are late, cancel, or maybe not even show. If this becomes a pattern, however, you could consider coming together to find a schedule that works best for the both of you.


2. Needs

As humans we all have needs, and the ability to express these needs in your relationships will allow them to remain healthy, authentic, and honest. Practice expressing your needs with each other, but keep in mind that all of your needs can't be met by one person. Expecting that from someone wouldn't be fair. This is why we have different friends and maybe even different social circles. 


3. Values

You will find that you have many similarities with people in your relationships. That's one of the ways you connect in the first place. Keep in mind though that everyone is different. Everyone is entitled to their own values. Something you may think is okay, is also something your friend could think is totally not okay... and that's okay! It's not your job to try and convince each other to sway either way. Simply respect each other's beliefs. 


4. Saying "No"

Are you being agreeable and flexible in your relationships, or are you being a people pleaser? If you're always saying "yes", take note on whether that means you are also always telling yourself "no". Often we see people lose themselves in relationships by tending to everyone else's needs and desires at the expense of their own. Know and define your boundaries and priorities, and know when to politely decline. If you receive pushback, consider this a red flag. 

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