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Simple Self-Care Activities That Lead To A Better You

Samantha McDougal

Posted on April 02 2021

Daily self-care tasks for better you.


Let's face it, we've all been through the wringer this past year. Practicing self-care and self-love are essential for our overall well-being. No more making excuses like it's selfish, or we don't have enough time. Practicing these simple self-care activities below will help you boost your immunity, lower your stress levels, and feel like a better you all around. Check them out below!



You know that feeling when you walk into a super clean and tidy hotel room? Bring that feeling into your home. There's no need to get down and scrub floors every week. We're not saying to make cleaning your number one priority. Clutter, on the other hand, is only weighing you down. It's much easier to clear your mind in a fresh, decluttered space. Plus, you can box up the things you don't need anymore and gift it to a friend or donate it. 

Tea Time

Drinking tea offers many benefits, and is great for both our physical and mental health. It can help relieve stress, induce sleep, support a healthy heart and diet, and more. Plus, drinking tea is also an experience. It allows you to slow down, relax, and free your thoughts as you enjoy the taste and aroma. 


Exercise is an excellent form of self-care. It's obviously great for your physical health. Exercise, however, can increase productivity, release endorphins, and improve mental focus. Nothing wrong with that! There are many ways you can get exercise in if you're not a fan of going to the gym. You can simply doing things like taking the stairs, or lifting light weights while watching TV. Anything to get your heart rate up. 

Take A Nap

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. It also just feels amazing to wake up from a really good nap! Even if you're not a good napper, kicking your feet up with your eyes closed for a moment will still leave you feeling refreshed.  


Take a power nap to relax and reset.

Practice Saying No

Honestly, being a yes-man or -woman can be much easier than setting boundaries for ourselves. Though, you'll start to realize (if not already) that doing so can lead to you feeling totally drained with no time or energy for yourself. "Saying no to something you don't want to do but feel obligated to do is not only empowering, but is also an act of self-care," says Sheila Tucker, an associate marriage and family therapist and owner of Heart Mind and Soul Counseling in South Carolina. So, begin to practice saying no, and start doing what it is you really want to do. 

Write A Letter

To who? Yourself! And this can be done in many ways. You can either write a love letter to yourself, or even keep a gratitude journal to write all the amazing things you currently have surrounding you. This is something that's great to do daily, like before bed or when you wake up. Either way, next time you may be feeling a little down, grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing!


Gratitude journal writing what you're grateful for.

Walk It Off

One of the most simple ways to improve mental and physical health is by walking.There's no greater feeling than fresh air, especially on a sunny day. Even better, you can have a friend join you on your walk. Enjoying each others company in silence is okay, but also agree to take turns talking and listening to each other. 



Everyone's favorite! Because, why not?? Light some candles and set the mood. Put on a face mask, take a bath, give yourself a manicure. Honestly, whatever makes you feel good. Do it! You deserve it! 

Actually, you deserve all the self-care in the world love, so give it to yourself. Give yourself some love. Doesn't have to be a special occasion, it could be right now! Enjoy, and thanks for reading. 


Ways to pamper yourself for self-care

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